• Computer Science Engineer

    I am a coding enthusiast. I enjoy real life problem solving with my creativity and skills. I’m insanely passionate about computer programming, currently trying my hand in a number of fields, ranging from web development to competitive programming to Machine Learning.

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  • Poetry

    Poetry is one of my favorite hobbies. I have been performing in various events for many years.

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  • Graphic Designer

    I have been actively designing flyers, logos, posters and other miscellaneous projects for the past 1 year. I enjoy creating beautiful trendy designs that please the human eye.

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  • The Code Bird

    Served as the head of coding club "The Code Bird" teaching programming to 150+ students.

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Hi there!

I am currently SDE at Lido Learning. My day-to-day job is to build scalable features in back-end as well as front-end. I have experience of working on NodeJS, ReactJs, Hasura, Ably, Apollo, AWS, Redis, Jenkins, Docker etc.

About Me


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Computer Science

I first learned how to program back in senior secondary school in 11th grade. I am now 0 years old and I am passionate about programming. I am a 4 star coder at Codechef and I love making projects which can solve real life problems and make this world a better place. I am also very fond of working on complex algorithms that require critical thinking skills and logic.




Debate and Speech

My Skills


#include "hello.h"

int main() {
printf("Hello there!\n");

I have learned lots of important aspects about computer science throughout my years in college. For example, I have learned about Data Structures and Algorithms, shell scripting, multithreading etc. I am comfortable with Object oriented languages like Javascript, C++ and Python. I also enjoy C.

Graphic Design

I have a very keen eye for aesthetics and very much enjoy design overall. I have produced numerous flyers and logos for colleges. I am up to date with the latest trends in graphic design and I have a very modern feel to my designs.

Poetry, Debate and StandUps

I have been performing on stage since 10th standard. It's a way to express my every bit of emotion. My oratory skills have always helped me in leading a team and in keeping them motivated.

  • Algorithms
  • C
  • C++
  • Python
  • Javascript
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Adobe Suite
  • MySQL
  • NodeJs
  • ReactJs
  • Hasura
  • Apollo
  • Redis
  • AWS
  • Ably
  • Jenkins
  • Docker

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